What we have to offer

Our services cover Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology for injury rehab and Pilates, strength training, coached running sessions and training programs for fitness and sports performnance 


Get back to being you sooner

Our Physiotherapist, Bree, specialises in youth athletes and biomechanical sports injuries. If your kids are complaining about growing injuries and its holding them back, or your niggles are stopping you from that weekend run, Bree is here to help.

Bree also treat general and workplace injuries.

We focus on finding the root cause of the problem and developing long term self management strategies to keep you out there enjoying sport.  



Flexibility and Control 

Learning to be in control of your body and the way it moves while maximising the movement you have available will reduce your injury risk and improve your performance. We offer classes for rehabilitation, general fitness and Sports performance.  Classes run most days. You can attend on a casual basis or purchase a 10 class pass. Look online to book or contact us for class times

Exercise Physiology

Individualised programs for health and performance 

Our Exercise Physiologists. Aaron and Jordan can work with you to manage your goals, whether they are weightloss, management of conditions such as diabetes or Arthritis or Sports Performance centered.

A good strength program starts with thorough assessment. Our Exercise physiologists, Jordan and Aaron, are experts in movement analysis. Jordan has recently completed his PhD in the movement patterns of swimmers and Aaron has experience as a weight lifter and weight lifting coach. 

We perform a sports specific assessment to identify areas of weakness to develop a program that will give you the best results. Demands of different sports vary widely and we tailor our programs for you and your sport. Starting with injury rehabilitation and prevention and moving into sports performance as you grow and improve. 


Running and Triathlon

Our philosophy is quality over quantity. We aim to create a positive environment. Sporting excellence is a byproduct of a love for sport.

We run weekly sessions for youth (8-16) and adult athletes that cover sprints, middle distance track running, long distance running  and triathlon skills.  Our sessions run in the Sutherland Shire and Helensburgh regions.

We provide monthly programs for running and triathlon that are individualised to your goals. We incorporate Pilates and strength sessions to reduce injury risk and optomise performance. 

Ready to Make a Change?

We are here for you. We are that helping hand for you to achieve your goals. If you are ready to be injury free and back out there, get in contact with us.