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Pregnancy and Exercise

  Exercise is important during pregnancy! For the majority of women, exercise is not only safe but is also beneficial for many reasons. Helps with healthy pregnancy weight gain Reduces likelihood of complications such as preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and...

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Thumbs up for pain free shoulder movement

If you are getting niggling pain around the shoulder, keep reading for small ways to change the way you work out, so you don’t have to stop! The shoulder is actually more complex than just one joint, it is made up of three joints that need to move fluidly together to...

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The Secret to Effective Core Exercises

It is not often that the muscles in the abdominals are used to actually twist and move the back so why should the exercises we choose to do involve bending and twisting? Let’s think about what the core really does! When you hop, skip, jump, run and walk, the role of...

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Is it growing pain or an injury?

Kids are hard. How are you meant to know if they are really hurt or just complaining? I coach a group of young kids and this is a question I ask myself all the time. Sometimes you just "know."I have some athletes that will run slightly slower then normal and I can...

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Can I Run Through It?

The simple answer is: probably. As a runner, I'm not likely to stop running, even if a physio suggests it's for the best. So, as a Physio, I'm going to be realistic and find a way to keep you running rather than suggest you stop. Being open to changing things up may...

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Meet Jordan!

Meet Jordan! He is an Exercise Physiologist and Athletics Australia Running Coach. Jordan recently submitted his PhD in Sport Biomechanics, making him an expert in movement analysis. He specialises in sprints, middle- and long-distance running as well as...

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Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson

THRIVE Athlete of the Week

Thanks to Bree and Jordan of THRIVE Physiotherapy and Performance, who have joined SDAC this season as sponsors.

This week, they selected Jack Robinson for recognition as the Junior Runner of the Day. Congratulations Jack!

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